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The One Conversation Parents are Afraid to Have with Their Kids — and It’s Not about Sex

Journalist-turned-author Heather Green fostered a few lost kittens and found herself in the process. She documents her life-affirming journey in her new book, “To Catch A Cat: How Three Stray Kittens Rescued Me.” Along the way she learned to trust others, found love and realized that life was bigger than her job. Plus, she found her new calling: saving strays.

Saving cats and finding love and community in the process is the thru-line of her book. Green started her journey after discovering three, six-week-old kittens living in the abandoned land next to her boyfriend’s house. The couple initially wanted to catch the kittens to save them but then found out the litter was too young to be separated from their mother. After realizing that they had no idea how to “rescue” cats, they went on a fact-finding mission that turned into a mission of responsibility and eventually, a passion project.

They talked with vets to get tips, and met others in the cat community along the way. Green found herself thinking about the cats while she was at work (she used to be a reporter for BusinessWeek.)  They named the cats – Oona (the mother) and Zero, Two Spot and Number Three. They discovered that each had a personality, and a look. Their care also encouraged Green to spend more time at her boyfriend’s house – something she’d been avoiding for quite some time. (Spoiler alert: Eventually, they married.)

Green, who now lives in Virginia, shares her thoughts on how, through her book, she hopes to redirect the rescue narrative. Here’s what else she had to say.

PawCulture:So, would you say the best way for a person to find a spouse is to rescue cats in New York or in Jersey?

Heather Green: Well, that’s what happened. I wasn’t looking. I didn’t think I needed to have a husband to make me happy. But rescuing the cats showed me that I can actually open up to somebody and commit to somebody and be vulnerable with somebody and that can be pretty great. That was kind of the moral of the story. Up until then I had my life going the way I had established it and it was work, work, work, work. I hadn’t really looked at anything outside of work for any kind of meaning. Lo and behold, there’s a pretty great life out there if you open yourself up to it.

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