From Prince to Lemonade: My Week in Pop Culture

eric richardson

I’ve literally been writing my tush off. Ever since Beyonce dropped “Lemonade” and the Purple One passed, the opportunities to produce stories examining their pop cultural influences have been many.

I tied the lack of diversity in most mainstream newsrooms into the discussion of who exactly should (or should not) be commenting upon Lemonade. And I stand by my column: more diversity is good for business, so businesses ought to be giving a plethora of people an opportunity to write or comment or report on  a story involving Beyonce. The title of the piece is what brought people in: “Can White People Comment on Lemonade?” You can read more about that here. The answer is probably not what you think. You’ll have to read the entire piece to see my point.

On the Prince front, I talked with Jimmy Jam, Kid Capri and the incomparable Anita Baker about the Artist. Oh the memories. I’m grateful for them for talking to me on deadline.

And on the Prince/Lemonade front, I talked with Action Bastard, the guy behind The Lemons fan fiction saga. Genius writing. Peep the story here. And of course, his photo is the one up top.


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