My Favorite Stories


I was seven months pregnant with my firstborn and writing a story about T.I. Naturally I went to the club with the rapper to see how he parties. My story went quite well. My feet? Not so much. I wrote this essay for Fit Pregnancy about how partying with T.I. led me to seriously understand that being pregnant didn’t make me invincible.

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Writing a cover story for a national magazine is always fun. Here’s my latest on Taraji P. Henson’s run as Cookie on Empire.


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I’ve written at least a dozen cover stories for Ebony magazine. My favorite involved persuading Sade to give me this exclusive in this Sade Cover story by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs.


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That Pulitzer nomination came courtesy of a Spanish-language piece I co-wrote while at the St. Petersburg Times. (I loved that place!) Following Francisco tells the story of how the people of Ixmiquilpan wound up in Clearwater, Florida. This is a story I happened upon as part of my beat reporting. I followed my curiosity and it took me and another reporter, David Adams, to the mountains and deserts of central Mexico. I even learned a little bit of the hna hnu indigenous language to complete this piece.