Meet LaDavia Drane, Hillary Clinton’s Not-so-Secret Weapon

I penned this piece on Hillary Clinton’s new(ish) director of African-American Outreach. Much has been made of whether or  not each presidential candidate has a good rapport with communities of color – especially African American and Latino.  Drake was very open about what needs to be done to court the black vote. Read the story, which appeared on NBC News, here. And feel free to comment on my FB page here.


Photo courtesy of NBC News and Clinton campaign.

Let the campaign coverage begin…. My latest…

Posted by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Journalism: Odd requests…

I’m on a listserv with several hundred journalists. One of the writers there posted an email, looking for help finding the press offices of several elected officials. She needed this information because she had just accepted a freelance assignment about an upcoming election. She said, in her email, that she has never covered politics before and didn’t want to tell the assigning editor that she had no contacts, so could the 1,000 people on this listserv please help her report and write her story.


She also signed this post with her name.

Bless her heart. It’s great to ask for help, but not a good idea to broadcast to a cast of a thousand competitors that you know not how to even do basic research for an assignment. Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty easy to Google electoral candidates…

City Stories: Governor Pat Quinn’s election trash

Pat Quinn took over after Rod Blagojevich did his thang and got removed from office.

There was a primary a few weeks ago. I live near a church where voting occurs.

Pat Quinn’s obnoxious green signs were littered everywhere – in my yard (!), in my neighbor’s yards and on the trees. Now, weeks after the election, those trashy ass signs are still there.

I doubt that man has ever been to my ‘hood. And I don’t understand why he can take the time to put signs on my property but refuses to come take them down.

Now, I removed and trashed the signs on my property at 5 a.m. on election day. But there are still signs strewn about. Many of them are now on the ground in the alley.

All the other candidates came the next day and took their election trash.

Gov. Quinn.. Why can’t you leave a place exactly as you found it?